Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Celebration Festival

This June I organised and lead an animation workshop on flight patterns. In Rockland St Mary and neighbouring Surlingham, in Norfolk there was a delightful two weekends of festivities, all called Celebration 2012. They had print workshops, stone carving, canoe trips out on the broad. It was great fun! The whole festival was Rook themed, artists were asked to respond and all the signage was cheeky looking rooks.

I thought it'd be great to create a flock of animated rooks!
Here's the outcome:

In the workshop I had people of all age ranges, mostly amazingly talented children and teens with their modest but equally talented parents!

The great thing about animation is that it takes such perseverance, even to do just a little loop. I hope you'll agree, the effort pays off when you see the drawings moving!

Most of the loops are drawn on paper with ink or pencil, there are a few in plasticine too.

Great thanks to all involved!
Amanda Addison
Jonty Black
Kristina Black
Simonan Black
Teresa Bonilla
Jihanna Bonilla- Allard
Shea Bonilla- Allard
Lawrence Bradshaw
Jenson Devlin
Hannah Simpson
Marie Slater
Alexandra Swift
Lewis Valey