Thursday, 22 September 2011


This August I spent interning at Knifedge. I had an absolutely brilliant time. Lots of varied work from designing Gilliam style characters for an animated Christmas E-card for the charity Crisis, which meant visiting Pollocks toy theatre museum searching for pantomime images.

I designed for a music app called Rigoletto, based on an operatic hunchback. 

I also got taken to the opera at Glyndebourne to see the Turning of the Screw which was a tremendous treat. 

Below is the thank you card I drew them as a parting present which I hear is now hanging in their meeting room which is a great honor. It was inspired by the fantastic characters in the audience at the opera. I popped the people I worked with at Knifedge in. It was fun to see them spotting themselves.
Thankyou Knifedge!


This summer has been a very good summer indeed. I spent a couple of weeks interning, working on  the fantastic Graham Chapman Project at Trunk.

Click here for a good article about the project in general. The project has lots of animation studios making short clips spanning the different periods in Monty Python's Graham Chapman's life. I can't wait to see the finished film! Follow the film blog here.

Trunk is a super studio. There's Ruffles the dog running round excellent people and lovely music. Thanks for having me Trunk!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Changing Faces


Today we got onsies and I responded to Judy Brown's excellent Changes Faces of Illustration project. We had to produce a digital self portrait and a traditional self portrait. The peice is centered around the happiness induced by a onesie. by doing JUMPING self portrait! GIFs don't work on facebook and i only just realised this.